Hotel Hospitality Taxes

Depending on the city you're visiting, you may have to pay a hospitality or tourism tax. This is usually a small fee that goes towards maintaining and improving a destination — think more parks, cleaner streets, and better public transportation — and helps support the tourism industry. You can review tax details at checkout. Any taxes we’re aware of will be included in the total price.

Can I choose any route to reach my destination for outside city car rental?

No, you can’t choose any route that you like. Service providers will use the route as per given in the system. However, due to any unavoidable circumstances, the route may be changed. If you need to change the route, the extra KM charge will be applied.

Is the service price fixed?

Yes. However, it may be adjusted in case of your requirement based on Car Type, Model, and Service Availability etc.

Is it possible to choose a specific car model?

No, based on Car Availability your car will select automatically.: (i.e. Toyota Axio and/or equivalent and/or 2005 model onwards, etc.)

What is the minimum Car Booking Time?

120mins required to Start the service